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Personal Use

The images on are free for your personal use provided the copyright information on the image be kept intact. Personal use example: copying them to your hard drive to view later, copying them to use as wall papers, sending them to friends. If you are sending them to friends, a link back to is appreciated. Thanks!

Please do not link directly to images on The bandwidth for this site is limited and doing so would prevent others from viewing the site when it is put on hold by the hosting site. Instead, provide a link to and provide instructions for others to get to the particular image you are referencing. If you prefer to copy the image and send them, that would work too.

Commercial Use

Most of the images on this site have been reduced in resolution to 800x600 from their native resolution. If you would like to make prints for magazines, newspapers, or any other type of commercial use and require the originals, let me know via the contact information below. Images on this gallery taken at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park cannot be used for commercial purposes due to zoo policy. They make great screen savers though!

Should you have any questions on the above information, send me an email. If you have improvement suggestions, see bugs, critiques, or just want to say hi, I would love to hear from you too. Drop me a line!

Warmest regards,
Benjamin Le

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To email me, please replace the "*" with the appropriate symbols. Replace the first "*" with an "@" and the second one with a ".com" I've been getting nothing but spams recently, so had to make a few changes to this website. My apology in advance for the inconvenience.

Email Address: el_neb*yahoo*

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